Content that sparks conversation…and conversion.


T5BowTeaserEarlier this year, Sportsman’s Guide re-launched its companion content site, Guide Outdoors. In addition to an impressive library of articles and advice from known experts, the new site boasts a friendlier layout and fresh content aimed at sparking conversation across social media platforms — and conversions on the commerce site.

I’m happy to say I played a leading role in this. GoldenEaglerTeaser

Prior to its redesign, Guide Outdoors existed as a Web 1.0 relic, largely unknown to Sportsman’s Guide customers.

Realizing what a powerful marketing tool such a trove of SEO-friendly content would be, I took the lead in developing a working model of an updated site leveraging the popular Content Management System, WordPress. That working model became the reference point for the web designers, developers and whole host of talented people that worked together to build the current version of Guide Outdoors. FawnDogTeaser

Since its reboot in April, I have acted as the content manager for the blog section of the site, helping drive traffic by way of thought-provoking, relevant articles, discussions and video.

Here’s a short list of posts that made some of the biggest connections with our audience:

SPLAT! Trespassing Hunter Gets a Surprise [VIDEO]

5 Reasons Why Every Outdoorsman Should Own a Wedding Dress

“Does Teaching Kids to Shoot Guns Make Them Any Safer?”

Incredibly Close Call with Alaskan Brown Bear Captured [VIDEO]

Are Open Carry Activists Helping or Hurting Your Cause?

The 6 Best Gunslingers in Movie History

Can This Slingshot Drop Goliath-size Game? [VIDEO]

Would You Fall on a Live Grenade for a Friend? Lance Cpl. William “Kyle” Carpenter Did [VIDEO]


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